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Uprights – Double Row: R35.13 - R139.28

Price range: R35.13 - R139.28


Uprights are varying lengths of timber with equally spaced pre-drilled holes into which shelves fit. A minimum of 4 uprights are needed per single bay unit and thereafter 2 extra uprights per extended bay. “Double holed” uprights are used to join bays of shelving, while the single-holed uprights are used at the ends of units.


Specialised Uprights

UP17L and UP18L:
These uprights have intermediate holes to allow for our laundry units to fit a standard washing machine and dryer, as indicated in the image provided.

Our uprights provide the flexibility and stability needed for creating custom shelving solutions that meet your specific storage needs.

Uprights – Double Row: R35.13 - R139.28

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