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Slimline Flat Shelves: R181.10 - R326.22

Price range: R181.10 - R326.22

Weight Capacity: Up to +/- 100kg per shelf
Length: 900mm
Depth Sizes: 300mm, 400mm, 500mm, 600mm

Our standard shelves are designed to provide robust and versatile storage solutions. Perfect for a variety of uses, these shelves are built to last and can handle heavy loads with ease.


S6 Short Shelf

Dimensions: 710mm x 600mm

We also offer the S6 Short Shelf, which is ideal for our laundry units. This shorter shelf provides the same durability and versatility as our standard shelves but in a more compact size, perfect for specific storage needs.

Upgrade your storage with our range of shelving options and find the perfect fit for any space!

Slimline Flat Shelves: R181.10 - R326.22

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